Amazing Awaits

Advent is a time of preparation and expectant waiting. Expectant waiting means a growing sense of excitement, wonder, and enthusiasm as the heart innately knows that what is coming is better than what the eye can see and the heart can dream. For the longest time, I thirsted for more, but something shifted in August. The shift is on me, but my heart sparked as I prayerfully considered job offers and then took a leap of faith from what was expected and what was dreamed of. While there have been moments of severe doubt, one reality stood true: something amazing is coming my way.

That something amazing is something beyond what I can see or dream. Advent is about that expectant waiting and preparing for what is about to unfold. Taking a step back from myself is part of this preparation. I want to spend the next five weeks settling in and looking ahead. I see glimpses of what I cannot see even today.

I am getting to see four of five of my children for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is part this preparation of amazing. I am thankful for the five children I shared with the man who chose me until his final breath. I am thankful for what would be 28 years on Sunday because some people never get that kind of love. I am not grieving for what we didn’t get, but rather shifting my paradigms to gratitude and a quiet sense of knowing what an Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 love is.

I am leaning into my faith as I start my year of believing. Faith requires trusting in what cannot be seen. As I invest on every personal and financial level, I am starting to see amazing unfold. The new job and the new house are only part of it, but my advent season is just starting. I stand watching the smallest lights growing in the distance as I expectantly wait for what I cannot see or know yet. #amazingawaits


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