What Does the Flag Mean to You?

What does the flag mean to you? It is more than a piece of cloth for me. It stands for the American ideal and the principles of which my Phil gave his life for. Phil was not an American citizen by birth. He chose to join our military at 18 for American citizenship. While he could have retired years before his death, he chose to stay in because he never once lost sight of the freedoms and opportunities given to him with his American citizenship.

He taught our children the same sense of standing proud for the country he adopted. He taught our children that freedom indeed is something worth standing for…and in the end, he taught them that freedom was worth dying for. In death, my Phil’s story is known by many more than it was during his short time on earth.

This week, the media has carried stories about flag tee shirts not being allowed, severe soldier cuts, but more than that, there is more talk of benefits ending. There is talk of flags not being flown at half staff at certain bases except for certain people. The half staff flag is a rendering of respect. It doesn’t matter the rank of the soldier, but it is a sign of respect for the commitment to the ideals and freedoms of this country.

When a nation says that they understand and they support our soldiers, then it is time for our people in politics to stand up and show that they support our soldiers and families. A flag is a simple sign….A vote is another simple sign.Image


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